Elevate brands with our
affiliate partnership program

affiliate partnership program offers commissions and a
chance to contribute to business success in the dynamic
field of digital marketplace


Our Affiliate Partnership Program is a strategic alliance designed to foster partnerships and incentivize individuals and organizations to
refer potential clients to Hadia Media. It offers 10% - 15% for each referred clients signng up for our Services

Referral Commission: Maximizing Earnings

☑ Participants earn a substantial commission of 10% - 15% on the net revenue from each referred client.

☑ The commission applies throughout the referred client's initial engagement with Hadia Media

☑ The program aims to expand Hadia Media's clientele through valuable referrals.

☑ Partners are rewarded for their contribution to the growth of Hadia Media.

Partnership Tiers: Climbing the Commission Ladder

1st Tier Benefits: Unlock a 10% commission on referrals 1-5
For each of your first five referrals, relish the satisfaction of earning a substantial 10% commission
2nd Tier Perks: Elevate Your Earnings With 15% Commission
As you ascend to the second tier, the rewards become even more enticing. From your 6th referral onwards, indulge in a higher 15% comission rate

Social Aspect Of Our Affiliate Program

Joining our Affiliate Program isn’t just a financial opportunity , it is a chance to drive substantial social change on a large scale. Affiliate beomes ambassadors of positive impact. By aligning with us, they not only earn but also build a legacy of meaningful connections, influencing the digital landscape positively. Join us in shaping a brighter future, where every referral counts for both financial success and societal benefit.

Empowering Partners with Marketing Resources

We ensure that affiliates are well-equipped with a plethora of marketing materials and resources to
effectively promote its services.

Marketing Material

A Toolbox for Success. Partners receive a comprehensive set of marketing materials, including Educational Guides, Videos, Fliers, Brochures, Banners, Social Media Posts, and Email Templates. This aids in creating impactful campaigns and attracting potential clients.

Support & Training

A dedicated team at your service. Hadia Media's support personnel are committed to assisting affiliates promptly. Whether through email, phone, live chat, or an online forum, partners can engage with a supportive community and receive real-time assistance.

Performance Reports

Transparency for success. Affiliates gain access to an Excel sheet containing designated tabs for reporting and performance tracking. This includes vital metrics like conversion rates, total revenue generated, and commissions earned, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Why Join The Our Affiliate Program?

Access To Diverse Range of Services

Elevate brands with transformative solutions.

Access To Brand Development

Stand out in the market with Hadia Media's branding expertise.

Access To Commission and Contribution

Earn commissions and contribute to the growth of businesses.

Access To Professional Reputation

Align yourself with Hadia Media, becoming a trusted source and positioning as an expert in branding and marketing.

Ethical Marketing and Continuous Improvement

Ethical Representation

Hadia Media requires partners to truthfully and professionally represent the brand.

Dedicated Support

Partners receive ongoing assistance and dedicated support from Hadia Media.

Timely Responses

Hadia Media commits to providing prompt responses to partner inquiries and needs.

Continuous Improvement

The program includes initiatives for continuous improvement, guided by regular feedback from partners

Legal Agreements: Ensuring Clarity and Fairness

We emphasizes ethical marketing practices and provides clear, legally binding partnership agreements to partners after successful referrals. These agreements outline terms, conditions, commission rates, and payment terms.